“Burning desire” is necessary for getting anything in life

You want to eat, so you eat, you want to go outside home, you go, you want to sleep, so you sleep, you want to work, so you work, and you don’t want to do anything, so you don’t do anything. These are minor kinds of desire which we use automatically for the whole day. In fact, desire works unconsciously round the clock. Every huge and small decision in our life is based on conscious or unconscious desire. It is necessary to understand the difference between them

Conscious desire

When you plan something and ready to take action, it is conscious desire because your conscious mind knows that what you want to do in future. When examinations are near, you decided to study more than normal study routine, in fact, when you are intentionally decisive about something, it is conscious desire.

Unconscious desire

Unconscious desires are those which are hidden in our inner self. Maybe we planned them in our past or they are in built-in our mind, but these are not an intentionally planned thing in the present, we automatically do them. Like, we want to sleep so we try to sleep, we want to eat, we eat, and we want to take a bath, so we bath. Mostly, these things work in a routine. For example, mostly people who awake early morning, they follow this routine from many time, they automatically awake early morning, they have no need to take daily effort for awakening early morning, every day, because their unconscious mind is helping them to repeat the routine, automatically, without any effort.

The conscious and unconscious mind, what is their relation with desire

In fact, desires grow in our mind, so it’s co-related with our conscious and unconscious mind. There is no big difference between the two, but of course, they are different from one to another. You can understand in this way, the thing, which planned some days ago or some weeks ago, it is related to conscious desire, because it is not too old. And the thing, which, you had planned some years ago and you are still working on them, it makes your unconscious desire. It makes part of your heart and soul, so you have no need to motivate yourself every day, to push yourself every day to do something. This desire which is related to the unconscious mind, it automatically motivates you every time because it lives in your unconscious mind so its roots are so deep.

How to raise burning desire in our self

For small tasks or things, you can do with conscious desires. These things are those which works for a limited time, but those things like your career planning for next 10 years, your educational planning for next 10 years, it needed unconscious desire, so if you want to raise your desire, you should start with conscious desire. Yes, so in the initial stage for some weeks, you need to get motivated yourself for such a thing which you want to achieve. After some months, you will feel that your conscious desire has converted into unconscious desire. The question is that how we can find out our conscious desire has arisen. The answer is very simple. When you work for your passion automatically, and you have no need to external things for motivating you, when you feel happy to work hard without any pressure, then you can believe that your unconscious desire is working in the right way.

Without desire no life

People, who lost their desire, physically, they are alive, but mentally, they are dead, because they unconsciously accepted that they have done everything in their life and now, their time is over. They make their selves useless. It is a pity thing which mostly retired people do. Keep in mind; either you are a young man, middle-aged or retired person, never ever try to stop the way of your desire. Your desire should be there. So you will be really alive till the last breathe of your life.


If your target in life is bigger then you need to start for conscious desire then automatically, after some times, it converts into unconscious desire.  You just need to work on your goal with consistently. It’s mean you should always a big goal in your mind. Without goal, no desire exists. That is the point.


Don’t believe in tomorrow

People see dreams about the future. It’s good, no one here who can stop you, but there is a minor difference between dream and reality, you can personally experience that, during your dream journey, everything is in your favor, either you are seeing a beautiful lady in your dream, you are wondering most beautiful places of the world, you are in the high position, everything is in your favor. Right now, I am talking about positive dreams, not negative, because this is another scenario, so I come again on topic, you can observe, your dreams show you as you want to see yourself. That’s good, but your dream did not tell you about possible obstacles during reaching to your destination. You must face, obstacles, unexpected conditions, people’s bad behaviors, of course, this is part of the game. So keep in mind, a dream is necessary because it gives you motivation, but during making optimistic, you should have the courage to face those obstacles which are waiting for you.

Life is fair or not?

First thing, life is not fair. So this is a clear thing. You cannot get anything easily, as your aim would be bigger, your obstacles will also be bigger like your aim. So this is not a surprising thing. This reality exists as long as human being exists on this earth. So don’t expect that life will treat you like a king. Everything is equal, but the situations are different. Everything is equal, but the environment is different. Everything is equal, but thinking is different. Everything wants bigger things, but very few reached near to such things because they feel fear, they thought they will get easily what they want, they forget the biggest lesson of life, life is not fair, so nothing is easy in this world.

Where is Door of success?

If you believe in your dream, you have no need to wait for tomorrow. You should start a journey towards your dream right now. If you are waiting for tomorrow because you are thinking, tomorrow, things will be in your favor, you are thinking wrong. Believe me, there is no tomorrow in the dictionary of life. The present is everything, so start right now. If you believe, if you have a plan, I think plan is the secondary thing, the first thing is the belief, belief means you are focused on what you want and be daring to achieve if your belief is strong, then planning will also arise in your mind. Your mind will discover new methods as you did not think before because mind is watching you. The mind is a witness of your determination. As I said in my previous article, mind is your slave. So it acts as you think forcefully. So think belief and act right now. People, who wait for suitable circumstances, they never reach any destination in their life, because their theory is proved bogus, not working in practical life.

Why some people get achievement, others failed?

People, who reach on high polls, they definitely believe in action. They think and start their action, they are not rude. They are experimental peoples; they learn to their mistakes, they change their planning according to the need. Their destination is clear, they take different experience, if one formula did not work, and they work on second formula. So, who can stop them?


Must see dreams, then take action, planning, and don’t wait for tomorrow because no tomorrow exists here. Only present is available. You did not know about tomorrow so start your journey right now, forget about, what is your current situation, just start, and never lose the ripe of belief. No one can stop you.

You are the director and writer of your mind, but you are still deprived?

You often listen that mind power is Unimaginable, it’s true. No one could reach the actual capacity of mind till today. Experiments are going on, but there is no actual theory which can show the limits of mind. It’s mean we cannot imagine and judge the limitation of mind because it is unlimited, but why we are deprived and spends a poor life, if we have a mind? I want to clear this concept in this article.

What is a Mind Game?

The mind is our slave, but unfortunately, due to some reasons, we have become slaves of mind. In fact, our mind wants to listen to orders from our side, but we stand here to listen what mind tells us. Mind gives us every possible thing which exists on this earth, but we are still beggars. Mind believes, we are a king, but we think, our mind cannot do anything. It is a useless item. We fail in any subject, any business or any possible thing, and we think that our mind is responsible for this failure. We think if I have a clever and sharper mind then I can achieve this goal. In fact, we feel happy to blame our mind. Guys, our mind feel sad when we continuously blame, it is useless, it has nothing to do, so in the return, our mind behaves like a rebel, because we insult our mind with our negative thoughts, we return back the same behavior which we deserve. Yes, we deserve. In fact, mind can gives us everything, but we are ignorant, we did not know how we can use it. This is called a mind game. People, who are able to understand this game, they are achievers, they are toppers, and those who are still blaming himself, on the other words, they are blaming their minds, they are deprived because mind returns back the same report which we asked for.

How we can think on the right way, so the mind will work for us

Keep in mind, as in the upper lines, I described, mind gives us the same money as I asked for. So stop blaming your capabilities right now, you can do it and you have the ability to do anything. Failures are temporary things. You will recover and get it what you want. Your failure is not a bad thing, it is an experience which will work for you in the future, so this approach gives you courage, not only you, but also your mind will get courage and will be ready to do anything for you. You often talk hopelessly about some matter, so it’s bad impact shows on your mind, so similar bad experiences occur one by one. We think what is happening with us. In fact, we are the founder of these bad things. We gave wrong and negative messages to our mind, so in the result, we are receiving the same bad things. So always try to motivate yourself. It is hard enough sometimes, but one thing you can do always if you are not able to motivate yourself then at least stay away from negative thoughts. If any bad thing happens with you, so I know, you cannot motivate yourself at that time. It is hard, but you can divert your thinking to some other matter. So that technique works like motivation because you did not put the burden of negativity on your mind. That is enough at this situation.

One sentence which we should repeat always and everything will be changed

You often say these sentence, “I cannot do this thing”, “I am not able to do this thing”, don’t say these hopeless sentences, just say that “I will do this thing at any price”, your mind will guide you, and tell you the ways to accomplish this. As in upper lines, I narrated in detail. Your mind is already your slave. If you forcefully say that you will do this work at any price. Give me a solution. Your mind must give you different solutions. On the contrary, if you say that “I cannot do this thing”, “I am not able to do this thing”, your mind will provide you with the same information as “you are dead now”, “Go and search some high wall to suicide” or “go to any wine shop, or start weeping now”, “you are failed”. Yes, same kind of thoughts. So put your energy on positive thoughts and rule on your mind. You will decide how to get benefits from your mind.


The world is full of sorrows. There are a different kind of bad things happens every day. war, rape, poverty, accidents, marital collapses, job loss, business failure, these things dejected you, but if you really understand the concept of mind then these bad things cannot stop you. In every difficult situation or environment, you will win after all. Because you know that as you will give orders, the same result will show on your mind screen. That’s all.

The biggest lesson of life, we know, but forget it.

You, often, went to the hospital, you saw there, a man or women lied on the bed, and his /her condition was serious. Whenever he/she will be alive, the Electrocardiogram (ECG) has been shown the curvy lines. What are these curves on Electrocardiogram? This is a proof of this reality the person which is laid on the bed, is alive. And we all know when these curves will be ended; and the lines of Electrocardiogram (ECG) will be made straight, the person on the bed, will be no more. These lifelines give us the biggest lesson of life that you cannot learn in any other place. If you are able to understand this lifeline reality then, believe me, your worries of life will be disappeared, not all of them, but many of them because these are self created worries by yourself.

What is the lesson?

Whenever you will be alive and keep breathing, your life never be smoothed. Believe me, it is not a bad sign. It is a sign you are alive and here, to fight with life’s obstacles. You are survivor either you accept or not, so your life cannot be smooth. I know you are thinking like this, I am not a fighter, I never ever go to the battleground, what kind of survivor I am, believe me, you are. And if you asking about proof so my dear, you are the biggest proof himself. You are alive so you are a warrior. You are facing life so why you are expecting, everything should be smooth. Why you are worrying about life challenges, why you are thinking about obstacles, why you are thinking your life is not so impressive, leave it man, this is life. If you do not believe then visit the hospital and watch carefully such lines of Electrocardiogram (ECG) which is portrayed on the head of the patient and the lines of the ECG are not straight and I hope you pray for that patient. It’s mean you want these lines should be curvy always because if these lines will make straight then the patient will be no more. I hope you understand now.

Why you are worried about future?

Most of the people think a lot about the future’s obstacles. In fact, they are thinking about these things which do not happen yet, but they are doing negative imagination of them, and not only wasting their time, but making themselves like a worried man as well. I again repeated, life is curvy, always, so you must be ready for facing challenges, rather it’s related from your future or your present life. Life is not dependent on our self-making plans, we can plan about our road which we want to go, but we cannot remove the difficulties which will be waiting for us during our journey. But it does not mean, we should postpone our journey. We should stop our feet because our road is full of fears. Definitely, people who want to achieve big goals in life, they never ever get this place easily or smoothly, and they faced these obstacles. So why you are separate from them? You are also a person, you are alive, you are doing a job, business, or want to do big, so life cannot treat you separately, you will also face these things. We just plan our road, not remove hurdles on our road and should not be worried about them.


The lesson is that you should live your life, plan your life and should ready to resolve any obstacles which you confront during your journey. Believe me, every person does this, even you also did this, but you forget. If you did not face hurdles in life then how you are alive till. You should be ended your life, but you are still alive, so it means you are unconsciously facing life hurdles with your strength, so why you are there now. Don’t over think about future obstacles or life obstacles. Our journey is different from one another. We have a different destiny than others. Our problems are ours, our difficulties are ours and our happiness must be ours, so everyone is unique. Don’t separate yourself than others. Just move forward when something wrong will be happened, you will see it, and you know, how to see it.

Huge benefits of Green tea for skin complexion

You often listen to this word from different peoples, you are getting old, your skin is losing its shine, etc. this kind of sentences told by many peoples to other people, we all, pass through experience of this, sometimes, we feel bad, we feel angry on ourselves, why our skin is so dull, why people are commenting on ourselves. In fact, this is not a suitable time to show anger on ourselves, this is the right time to understand, why this situation created? More often, women face this sort of things and of course, women are more conscious about their skin other than of man. My question is, if we feel, the problem exists about our skin, why we cannot resolve it? Why we are time-wasting, just go to a suitable store and caught a green tea packet. In fact, green tea is best and suitable for its long term benefits of skin.

Why green tea is better for skin

Green tea is not suitable for the outer side of the skin, but it is also helpful for maintaining the shining of the skin from inside. Different kind of facial mask is made with green tea. This kind of experiments happening from many years but green tea benefits and its history is so long, but the world aware about some years ago. In fact, green tea removes the toxins from the body, so its powerful impact shows on the user’s skin. Our body is full of toxins and green tea keeps clean our body from toxins, so the result comes out in the shape of super skin. Some men or women have blemishes, spots and scars; if you continue to use green tea then you must be gotten benefits of it. Think twice, if your body is toxin-free and your skin is clear then how someone can say that you are getting older or look like an old man. Of course, no one can say that because your skin is clear proof of this reality.

How can we drink green tea, which is a better method?

It is totally up to you. A number of people drink green tea 5 times a day. There is no certain time and limit. One thing I remembered, and read in somewhere, Japanese are the people who live long and their average age is 80. When researchers researched on their diet, then green tea is also part of their daily diet. So, it proves of huge benefits of green tea. You can drink it in the early morning, after lunch or dinner, it is according to your comfort, but must be ensured it should be part of your daily routine if you want to get permanent benefits of green tea. Then forget about skin problems, in fact, not only your skin will be better, but your whole better will be healthier and if you are healthy then it must show on your skin.

What is the better method of consuming green tea?

You can add honey or lemon when your cup of green tea is ready to consume. After these two elements adding, the taste of green tea will also be better. It is totally up to you.

Green tea makes you ageless

If you feel your age is showing on your face, then don’t worry, green tea cleans your body from different forms of oxidants so all the bad spots, wrinkles and damaging skin is recovered soon. If these issues are serious then you need to drink green tea and use a facial mask of green tea then benefits will be faster.


Green tea is a healthy drink on the earth. If you have a skin problem or not, in both cases you should drink it. If the problem is there then it will be resolved and if the problem is not, then you never face any kind of skin problem. Your skin is always shined and prideful whenever you live on this earth.

Think big: the result will be different

Every human being has an ability of thinking, but few of them ready to think big. The problem is a number of people are not aware of the benefits of thinking big so they always spend miserly life. Depression and hopelessness is part of those people’s life. We are narrating some simple steps which will be helpful for thinking big so, positive change will occur in your life.

Change your mind when you awake

Where you wake up early morning, you need to think that you are a lucky person in the whole world because you are alive and healthy. You will start your day with breakfast. It’s ok and if you are an exercise man then it will be better for your health. During your exercise and breakfast moments, you have no need to over thinking about such things which did not hap till, because it puts negative effects on your whole day. In your starting period, you just need to avoid negative thoughts which make you lethargic and dull, and put your focus on positive thoughts. Later on, these thoughts will guide you for big thinking.

During your working day, follow this rule

If you are doing a job then you face a different kind of situations every day. It is a routine of you like your boss instructions, your office work, your daily performance issues; you face all of these things and try to create good results among all of these things. Tell me honestly, during your office routine, you feel lethargic during work, you feel unhappy when your boss instructed you, you feel pathetic when you are overburdened by your boss, and you cannot do anything. These things make you angry. Stop there. Just change your mind and these things will be happier for you. Every big achievement needs the hardest work so if you are worried because you are doing office work, then you cannot do anything big in this life. So please, these are minor things, and your dreams are big. Think big, plan big, you cannot escape from hard work. You are an achiever. You are not a loser.

When you reach home, what you should do

After returning home, when you are tired enough and you don’t want to do anything because you are tired. In fact, you are not physically tired, you are mentally tired. Because you instructed your mind for tiredness so, your mind is following your instructions. Think just one minute, if you ask your mind, keep me fresh at any moment, I am not tired, work is my life, my passion, I cannot be tired at all, I have big dreams so , I am preparing for making great, so hard work is necessary, I will not show my weakness. I am a healthy and strength full person. That’s all. If you revive these sentences often, in your mind, then not any kind of tiredness will affect you.  You need to love your work so; your work will pay back to you. Keep in mind, big thinking starts with these little positive changes. These positive changes will lead to you for big success.


You need to create small and positive changes in your mind by repeating these motivational sentences, as I suggested in upper lines. Very soon, you will feel positive changes in your body, and now, you are ready for doing big, because you are positive toward yourself. You neglect any negative comment about yourself because your improvement starts so, that is the right time of choosing “main goal of your life”. Believe me, you must succeed rapidly now, because your approach to yourself is changed now.

Big dreams with Big Fears, Result zero

The population of the world is more than 6 billion and among all these peoples, the majority consists of deprived and depressed peoples. There are only a few thousand peoples who have luxuries of life and of course, huge money, as well. The question is, if every human being is equal according to nature rules, like two hands, two eyes, one heart, one mind, etc, then why billions of people always spend pitiful life and why they are not able to reach those destinations which are the territory of some thousand’s successful peoples. We try to find out the answer to this basic question.

The difference in thinking is a big factor

Common man always thinks about small things. His focus is just getting daily luxuries like food for eating, small money, amount for children’s school fees, etc, he never thinks about car, bungalow, big salary job or business, because he already has taken decision about, he cannot do anything in life, he will be miserable always, etc, but the successful person’s mental approach is totally different. He thinks big in every aspect of life. This is about the approach of mind. In fact, the mind is the same, but poor man and the successful man think differently.

How to change our thinking habit

The poor and jobless man also becomes a successful man if he changes his mental approach. In fact, every poor and dejected person on this earth is full of negative thoughts; otherwise, he cannot make poor, the basic reason behind his failure is attached to his negative approach. He himself decided about anything like he thinks, he cannot do it, he is not able to do it, and he is not the ability to do it. I am poor, I am weak, etc. these all are negative thoughts who are the biggest hurdles of the life of the common man. So, always try to think positive whether you are poor or frustrated or jobless because every successful person is always optimistic about his decisions, so, why he gets everything which he wants?

One rule for fulfilling your dreams

Every human being sees dreams, but very few are here who fulfilled it. If you follow this rule, then, believe me, there will be dramatic changes happen in your life and you will see improvement in every aspect of your life and if you continue this habit, then you will achieve everything in your life like successful peoples.

The rule is very simple. In every day, when you awake, you never ever think negatively about any matter. Of course, this is not an easy job because negative thoughts always come to your mind, nobody can stop them, but you are able to stop memorizing them, repeating them, so you just do it. Always repeat positive thoughts, and always ignore negative thoughts, either you are doing a job, or you are jobless, or you have nothing in life, you are a student or whatever you are doing in life, just create positivity in your life about every matter. So, very soon you will see positive changes in your life and also started your boom career, as well.  It’s a guarantee.